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Results Driven

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Health and Wellbeing

From public healthcare, to workplace wellbeing, mental health and social care, this fast-growing and ever-evolving sector has witnessed significant change over recent years and is now a top priority (and a leading topic of conversation and debate) in today’s society. We work closely with a wide range of clients, including NHS Trusts (and initiatives within them), private sector healthcare businesses and support service providers, to help them reach out, engage with their audiences and ultimately improve and save lives.

Newcastle Hospitals Charity

The goal of the “Unforgettable People” campaign was to evoke powerful emotions and significantly raise awareness for Newcastle Hospitals Charity, highlighting the deep connections between loved ones and life-saving medical professionals. The campaign was strategically aligned with the Channel 4 Geordie Hospital television programme to give maximum exposure.

An integrated promotional campaign was created including digital 48 sheets billboards, a digital gateway banner above Newcastle Central Motorway, and newspaper advertising. Impactful videos were produced where loved ones shared life-saving stories, emphasising the crucial role of The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals staff. Videos were posted across various social media channels for maximum exposure.

Campaign effectiveness was measured through metrics, assessing reach and engagement, with over 800,000 impressions registered. Since launching the campaign, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from the community and participants, showcasing the profound emotional impact of the campaign.

Newcastle Health Innovation Partners

In 2020, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners, one of only eight Academic Health Science centres in the UK, appointed Fusion PR Creative to create its brand and corporate identity.

Stakeholders were keen to develop an identity that represented it as the most integrated and innovative Academic Health Science Partnership in the world, thereby showcasing innovation and collaboration to improve the population’s health for North East and North Cumbria citizens.

Fusion designed and implemented a new corporate identity based on the new name, Newcastle Health Innovation Partners. The new identity and website were launched in 2021 and were warmly welcomed by a wide cross section of stakeholders including Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council and The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Work included:

• Brand development.
• Meeting with key stakeholders and focus group sessions.
• Implementation of brand across print collateral and online.

Collaborative Newcastle

Collaborative Newcastle is a partnership which aims to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of everyone in Newcastle. Through closer joint working between some of the City’s largest organisations – including the hospitals, Newcastle City Council, GPs, and care homes – Collaborative Newcastle aims to reduce inequality and provide better opportunities for all.

Fusion created an integrated brand from scratch to reflect the joined-up approach of the organisation using a complimentary colourway to distinguish the three key strands of activity (health and care, growth and prosperity). A 16-page brochure, website and social media graphics were created alongside brand guidelines allowing the Collaborative Newcastle team to become brand guardians and develop supportive marketing material to support ongoing activity.

In addition, we continue to work closely with Collaborative Newcastle to evolve offerings to stakeholders including the development of an interactive map allowing users to find primary care, urgent care and community services quickly and easily within the Newcastle area.

Great North Care Record

In September 2021, Fusion PR Creative and Karol Marketing were appointed by the Great North Care Record (GNCR) to help raise its profile as they launched exciting new technology in the region.

GNCR’s Shared Care record system is a leading example of multi-trust collaboration. With over 600 organisations contributing data, it had the potential to improve care provisions for the North East’s 3.2 million population.

However, rolling out such a huge system across multiple organisations meant that communicating its benefits was a challenge. Each Trust had its own way of doing things, it was seen as a Newcastle-specific project and it was difficult for the GNCR’s communications team to onboard and engage with clinicians on their own.

We therefore put a phased plan together that would ensure we could fully understand and develop effective ways to raise the GNCR profile.

Work included:

Phase 1: Research
• Conducting region-wide qualitative and quantitative research with stakeholders.
• Running a brand audit on GNCR’s owned channels and other shared care records across the UK.
Phase 2: Strategy
• Developing objectives and key messages from the results of the research phase.
• Identifying effective tactics to raise awareness.
Phase 3: Creative
• Creating eye-catching, relevant imagery that would encourage and increase usage.
• Exploring creative messages and tactics.

Since launching the ambassador programme, usership of the GNCR platform has increased by 67% (from 300,000 monthly interactions to 500,000). We have seen an increase in users across the region, and more people have signed up to the ambassador programme.

We have continued to support the GNCR team in liaising and communicating with ambassadors to ensure they have everything they need to share the benefits and impact of this system with their colleagues.